Inaugural Exhibition
Group Show - 31 Artists
April 28 - July 14, 2018 [Extended]

"Nature is inside art as its content, not outside as its model"
-- Longinus On the Sublime

"People are starved for the truth, and when something comes along that even looks like the truth, people will latch onto it because everything's so false."
-- Sam Shepard Myths, Dreams, Realities-Sam Shepard's America, NYT 1984

"The task of art today is to bring chaos into order."
-- Theodor Adorno Minima Moralia: Reflections on a Damaged Life

There exist a dominant trusting tradition in most parts of the rural world, to leave the gate or door unlocked.

Attaining the ability to practice this peaceful existenial mindset is one of an unspoken affirmation buoyed by an innate act of faith.

This act of trust, potentially grants us unimpeded access to another's inner sanctum filled with a lifetime of acquired treasures, possibly including living flora and fauna, along with consumable elements for the sustenance of daily life. We are permitted admission to a safe haven, not of our own making.

Equally, the Unlatched artists and their creative offerings, presented here, afford us an opportunity to upend the entropy of the turmoil persistant throughout today's world by providing a respite from the prevailing pervasive negativity with a moment of solace exuded by their inherent authenticity. Allocating us with a nourishment of truth...

Push on the door, come in, move from one piece to the next... your entry and discovery is a welcome freedom.

A.Kimberlin Blackburn
AK Airways
Andrew Demirjian
Anne Ferrer
Bruce Brosnan
Carl Fudge
Cris Dam
Daniel Stover
Ellis Gallagher
Fred Gutzeit

German Pitre
Glenn Richardson
Han Zeng
Hazel Larsen Archer
Henry G. Sanchez
Hubert Dobler
James A Brown
Jared Whitham
Jeff Brouws
Kathleen Vance
Kris Viemeister

Leigh Henry
Les Ayre
Monika Zarzeczna
Patrick Doyle
Pieter Greeff
Richard Wislocky
Rosa Valado
Scott Furman
Thomas Broadbent

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